Monday, February 6, 2012

Surgery Day

February 7th is surgery day. It started in 2006 when my infant son had open heart surgery to repair a defect that prevented oxygenated blood from properly flowing through his body. Before the surgery, he was blue; after he was pink. I am certain we celebrated 2/7/2007, 2008 and 2009 with a fancy meal and a bottle of wine. We remembered last minute 2/7/2011 and I think I threw something together, but I don't remember what.

Tomorrow is 2/7/2012, my son has no memory of the surgery and has perfectly normal heart function. This year, I am going to let it go. It's time.

So for 2/7/2012, we are going to have turkey sloppy joe's (made with a pound of ground turkey, a can of tomato paste and a packet of sloppy joe mix) and microwaved sweet potatoes because that's the kind of "easy to throw together everyone likes" dinner we have on a an average school/work night.

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