Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pow-Pow-Power Greens

Whole Foods has a new product called "Power Greens" and they are awesome!!

Power greens are a combination of baby spinach, baby chard and baby kale.

I sauteed them with a little butter and salt and served them with garlic and rosemary roasted chicken thighs and fingerling potatoes in a lemon and pepper broth.

Maybe someday I will start taking pictures with my camera instead of my blackberry so they don't turn out so blurry.

This is the version of the same dinner that I made for N. He doesn't like the texture of cooked greens but will happily eat them raw. He even declared kale his favorite but I suspect that was part of his diabolical plot to earn dessert.

To recap, buy power greens. They are good, they are good for you and your kids will eat them.

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